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We offer various services and experiences around our ranch.


Beautiful, species-appropriate place for your horse. With us the horses have a large lying area with forest floor, 24h hay and paddock. The horses have free access to the pasture, except in case of heavy wetness.


We offer equine assisted coaching for all areas of life, both as group coaching for companies and individual coaching. We specialize in top athletes and employees with management responsibilities.
Would you like to progress?
With the help of our horses we support you to reach your goals.


Our horse Jazz is specialized and trained to assist people with mental or physical disabilities. He is very sensitive and calm.
With jazz, we also work specifically with people who are afraid of horses or riding. Back in the saddle with safety and joy!

Store and bookings

Book your coaching or therapy session directly in our store. Of course you are welcome to get to know our ranch and the horses beforehand.